Interview Advice

Preparation for interview is essential and can be the deciding factor between yourself and another candidate who is less prepared.

We actively encourage and support all candidates to prepare for their interviews and any employer who is taking the time to interview you will expect this as a minimum.

Here are our TOP TIPS!

Forward Planning

This is vital. Have you researched the journey, practiced the route, found parking or planned your route connections if going by public transport? We do sometimes find ourselves guiding candidates to their interview at the last minute due to this not being considered.

Dress code

Always suited and booted.

Time Keeping

It is best practice to arrive 10 – 15 mins prior to your interview start time. Check the route as mentioned above and allow plenty of time. We ask that all candidates call into the office well in advance of your interview time should a problem arise – 01543 279752.

Researching Company and Role

Research the company and role to equip yourself with the knowledge and confidence to demonstrate your suitability to the organisation and position available. If you are unable to demonstrate an understanding of the role it will give the impression that you are not entirely interested or committed to the post. Company research should include: company background, how long they have been established, geographical coverage, their offering, delivery areas (qualifications), Ofsted grade and any mission statements.

Researching Industry

It is also advisable to do some industry research. There might be recent changes and updates relevant to the role or sector you specialise in or are applying to. Being able to show that you maintain awareness of any changes in industry and practices will be advantageous and help avoid highlighting gaps in knowledge should this come up.

Sell Yourself

Be familiar with your CV, relevant experience and your suitability for the role. Think about how you might sum up your experience or describe key areas of your experience relevant to the role you are applying to. Bear in mind: qualifications and levels you deliver, caseload size, geographical area you cover, class sizes you teach, targets you work to and performance against these, (if relevant) number of staff and roles you manage, responsibility for budgets, business development, growth, contract management etc.

Why are you interested in this role / looking to leave your current employer? Be mindful not to be negative about your current / previous employers when covering this as it never goes down well. Try to tie in something positive about the company/role that you are being considered for.

Scenario / Competency Questions

This is one of the most important parts of the interview and will reflect on many areas such as your suitability for the role, ability to handle pressure, how you would handle certain situations and relevant knowledge and experience. The interviewer will normally ask you to either ‘describe a time when…’ or ‘what would you do if…’

  • You should always give clear relevant answers and tie in real examples from your own experience.
  • Before the interview think about a range of examples to demonstrate dealing with challenging situations, achievements, coping under pressure, turning things around, meeting a deadline, demonstrating leadership skills and initiative etc.. Keep them at the front of your mind for the interview.
  • Take your time and expand on all your answers as much as possible! Depth and detail are key.

I.D / Right to Work / Certificates

Our interview confirmations include a list of what to take to your interview and we recommend you allow plenty of time to get these items ready in advance of the day. Our clients usually ask for: passport, driving licence (both parts) utility bill (last 3 months) and relevant proof of qualifications / certificates.


Have you got questions of your own? To have questions shows resourcefulness and keenness. If they have covered everything – rather than saying that you have none to ask, just confirm that you had some prepared, but they have all been covered. You can add that you will get in touch with us should you think of anything after the interview.

Register your CV

Register your CV with us and KM will get in touch as soon as suitable roles come up in your area!