Making Job Applications


At KM we love to provide an excellent service to our candidates (check out our Candidate Testimonials). Over the last 5 years we have helped hundreds of people across the country move into their new roles within the Work Based Learning and Welfare to Work Industry!

So, you have read our previous blog about CV Writing! Perfect! You should have a fantastic and well detailed CV ready to send to potential employers.

First thing to think about when making a job application is to identify your requirements; what you can commit to, type of role, salary, working hours, location, travel etc.

Job Boards

The next stop is the job boards – these are central websites which allow candidates to quickly search and apply for new jobs. Job Boards can easily be located by using Google search.

If you are looking for a job within a specific sector (such as the Further Education Sector) there are specialist job boards available.

Once you have found an online advert that takes your interest you should always check:

  • Location to Cover– Location will always be listed within the advert. Where the job is based or where the candidate is expected to travel. If this is vague – always make sure you check with the recruiter or company.
  • Salary on Offer– Always check this before making your application as Salaries are non-negotiable 99% of the time. If the salary is not quite right for you, then you wouldn’t be able to progress with your application. If it is close to what you are looking for, speak with the recruiter to find out if there is any flexibility.
  • Type of Role available – There should always be an indication on the advert as to whether the job role is Full Time / Part Time / Permanent / Contract / Temporary. Before making your application always check to see whether the job meets your requirements.
  • Essential Criteria – Recruiters and Employers will (or should) always put essential criteria on the job advert. This allows candidates to know whether or not they are right for the role. Candidates should always check and review the essential criteria before making job applications, If you do not hold any experience which is listed in the criteria you may not be suitable for the vacancy – you could try to contact the recruiter to find out if there is any flexibility.
  • Application Questions – Some recruiters / employers add essential questions to their adverts. These are generally non-negotiables for the vacancy. For example, if an advert asks “Do you hold a recognised Assessor Award?” and your answer is No, you would not be suitable for the role you are applying to.

Have you found a role which matches your skills, experience and what you are looking for?

If Yes, Fantastic! It’s time to make your application.

Generally, job boards make the process easier for candidates by having a standardised
application process.

You should ensure the following;

  • Your current and up to date CV has been uploaded to your application
  • Full Address and Contact Details (telephone and email contact)
  • Relevant cover note for the job you are applying for

Once you have completed the form via the job board, Fire off your application!

Not a fan of Online Job Board Applications?

If you prefer a more direct way of applying for vacancies, such as via E-Mail. First check the job advert to see if there is an email address for you to send an application through to. If there is nothing available, try the recruiters / employers website. Usually there will be a general
recruitment email address such as [email protected] or [email protected].

Pop the Job Reference (if you know it) and Job Title into the subject line of the e-mail and include your cover note in the body of the e-mail with the reasons why you feel you are suitable for the role you have applied to.

Remember to spell check!

Once you are ready, Send off your e-mail application!

Final step – make a note of where and what you have applied to! Whether it is a vacancy advertised by an agency or through a direct employer. Make a note of the company names / Job Titles, as you do not want to make multiple applications to the same job (as this will seem like you are applying for anything and everything).

Many recruitment agencies will ask you if you have applied to any similar roles, so if you know what you have applied to, it will save a lot of time!

We hope that you have found the above tips and advice useful! At KM we would like to wish you the best with your job search!

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