Changes to UK National Minimum Wage – October 2016


The National Minimum Wage is the UK’s pay structure which is designed to protect as many low paid workers as possible without hurting jobs or the economy. The government has announced that from 1st October 2016 the UK National Minimum Wage will rise:

Apprentice Minimum Wage: £3.40 per Hour increasing 10p from £3.30 per hour

Under 18 Minimum Wage: £4.00 per hour increasing 13p from £3.87 per hour

18 to 20 Minimum Wage: £5.55 per hour increasing 25p from £5.30 per hour

21 to 24 Minimum Wage: £6.95 per hour increasing 25p from £6.70 per hour

25 and over Minimum Wage: £7.20 per hour